Change the behavior of ‘Alt’ key in Linux Mint

Hello, everybody!

The next post is about changing the default behavior of the ‘Alt’ key in ‘Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon’ and especially for moving and resizing windows. The reason of doing this in my case is because I need the ‘Alt’ button to be assigned for Rotate View (Alt+Middle Mouse Button / Alt+MMB) in Blender 2.78. Because the ‘Alt’ button is assigned by default for system purposes you have to change the system settings and let him free for other purposes.  So go to ‘Menu->Preferences->Windows’ and in newly opened window click on the middle tab ‘Behavior’ and in a bottom section ‘Moving and Resizing windows’ change the property of ‘Special key to move and resize windows’ to whatever you want from the drop-down list. After that Restart/Relaunch your linux machine. And that’s it.

In my case I wanted to assign the ‘Alt’ key in Blender to act like in 3D Studio Max when navigating in the viewport. This is very helpful if you are newbie in Blender and have some experience with 3ds max. In my case after several years all day working in max is enough to build strong habit when navigating in 3D. So it is very comfortable if there is a way to continue in the same way with another software like Blender.

Hope that was useful!

More about you can learn from these tutorial, which was the reason to discover this:


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